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ePortfolio by PrintLess Plans

A sleek yet rugged large-format e-paper device made for the demands of Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) professionals.  

The future is here.  Find out more today! 


Water Resistant

Water resistant & rugged. Built for the toughest customer and job site. 

Low Power

ePortfolio devices are ultra-low power. It can go a full week between charging.

Glare Resistant

By using e-paper displays you can view the ePortfolio outside if full sunlight with no glare. 


Add notes and comments to plans in the field and save them as a separate layer. ePortfolio eliminates transcribing notes at the office.

Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

Add questions and comments to your plans and documents in the field and share them instantly with your support team at the office. 

Instant Notifications

Save time by getting the newest revision to your team quickly and efficiently while eliminating the risk of costly rework. 

Cost Savings

Save time and money by not having to reprint plans and other documents between revisions.


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